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Our fence works great! We never worry about leaving our Golden Retriever out in the yard anymore, and when we did accidentally cut the line they came out and repaired it the next day.
Angie R., W. Bloomfield, MI
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Invisible Fence Installation & Repair in SE Michigan

Invisible Dog Fences Southfield & Metro Detroit MI - Pet Freedom Hidden Fence - dog-content

For several years, Pet Freedom Hidden Fence has been keeping man's best friend contained. Pet Freedom Hidden Fence offers turn-key solutions for keeping your dog safely at home, while also allowing them space to roam. Our products have been tested and proven to provide your dog with the space they need, and the peace of mind you need. At Pet Freedom Hidden Fence, we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of the latest technology designed to keep your pet safe.

All of our products come with comprehensive warranties. You can be confident in the professional services at Pet Freedom Hidden Fence.

We offer affordable packages to each of our customers. Whether you need a containment system for a small Chihuahua, or a couple of Great Danes, trust the experts at Pet Freedom Hidden Fence. We work with you to design the best hidden fence layout - meeting your budgetary needs and the needs of your pet.

*Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are products, brand names, and registered trademarks of Invisible Fence, Inc. Pet Safe®, and Innotek® are registered trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation. DogWatch® is a registered trademark of Dog Watch Inc. Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc.